You’re good enough

I usually avoid to write even though I really love it. I guess it depends on some kind of performance anxiety. I want to write good posts that are giving for me and also with a clear message. It prevents me from even putting myself in front of the computer.

What I have noticed is that it doesn’t matter. The important thing is that it is done rather than how it is done. Because over time, it will be automatically better and better. Because, as we all know. Practice is the key.

It is important to accept that each time it may not be the best post you have written even if it is the goal. It is also important to remember that what I consider to be the best I have written may not be the readers oppinion. Therefore, it doesn’t matter.

So how do you get rid of the performance anxiety?

Ask yourself
What requirements do you set for yourself? Are there reasonable demands even? We often put far too high demands on ourselves and therefore it becomes a stress factor.

Practice just performing
If we are used to doing everything perfectly all the time, we must practice doing tasks not so perfectly. It’s really about control. What if we do not do things?

Be proud
It is important to be proud of what we have achieved. It is easy to think that I should have done better or this I could have done differently instead of clapping ourselves on the shoulder and saying “you did well”.

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