Time Management

I have long been thinking about the term “time is money” and what this actually means. As we all know everyone has the same amount of time and time will always be limited.

I think most people have felt the feeling that time is insufficient, perhaps especially in our metropolitan areas where we have high demands on ourselves, such as building a career while having a family, the need of beeing updated on the outside world by reading or watching the news, watching Netflix to keep in up what people are talking about on the coffee break and don’t forget to listen to podcasts now and then. Also, do not forget to socialize with friends and maybe keep a garden and / or a country house in order. The list can be made long for different demands we put on ourselves that create stress. The stress only increases when the demands on ourselves becomes bigger, but the time we have will always be 24 hours per day. Equation simply does not go together. 

So how will some people succeed and others will not? How are some people able to accomplish the same results as another person, but in less time? The answer is simple. They understand that time is energy. They therefore focus their time and energy on the right things. They use time management.

Briefly described, time management can be described as a way to organize and structure your time to become more efficient. You eliminate what doesn’t give you the expected result and instead focus on what’s more efficient and gives you the desired result. 

If we apply this theory to goals, what would you like to streamline? Let’s say you want to earn more money. Then ask the question “What do I spend my time on today that does not give me more money?” Followed by “How can I make my time the most efficient so that I can make more money?”. Then you will begin to look at how you want to solve the problem. You may want to hire someone or maybe you are making badly choices that doesn’t give your the desired result. It’s all about changing your way of thinking. 

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