Tidy your life

Now in the autumn there are many who chooses to tidy their homes. I would like to advocate that we should do the same to our lives. Just as you clear your wardrobe on clothes that do not fit or you don’t like anymore, we should clear the behaviors, habits or people in our lives that do not contribute with anything or gives us a negative energy. It may sound hard and maybe a bit selfish, but the fact is that maybe such bad habits is just what we need to cut out.

Now, I do not mean that we just cut the ties to all the people who currently do not give us good energy. Of course we should act as support for our loved ones during difficult times, but as long as we know that the person gives the same support back the day we need it. What I mean are those individuals that never change. Those people that constantly gives negative energy. Do we really need these people in our lives or can we do as well without them?

The same applies to our own behaviors or habits. We should be better at defining and then drifting away from the habits and behaviors we do not want. It may sound abstract or difficult, but writing it down on a piece of paper can make it more manageable, as it will be easier to continue working on it once you’ve written it down. 

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