Some time off

Right now I’m just enjoying my time off work to the fullest. I enjoy every day and time. It’s so nice to just wake up when my body tells me to wake up, to have my cup of coffee and just looking out on the playground outside my window and just asking myself what the plan for the day is. It’s nice to avoid all feelings of pressure and stress over having a time or a deadline to take into consideration. This is incredibly calming for me. Just what I needed. So right now I’m just doing things that falls into me. I keep on fixing some stuff here at home, baking, cooking, watching TV, meeting friends.

But soon the year is over and it is time to look back on the past year. It is a time when we should reflect on the past year and also close a chapter in our life. It is a time when we should look back at the year and be happy for the good memories, proud of what we have accomplished and learning from our mistakes.

I myself have learned a lot about myself this year. I have dared to listen to my heart more and dared to go after what my gut feeling says, even if it is scary. I have learned to rejoice in the little things in life.

I have more and more begun to understand the importance of balance and how important it is to take things in my pace, although this is something I have to work a lot more on. During the past year I have also made some mistakes. My mistakes are based on a stress and not to think before. Sometimes you have to slow down the tempo a little bit, which I really find difficult for sometimes.

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