Moving day

This week was moving week for me. I have waited three months for this week. Or actually more than a year.

I remember the day I moved to my old place. It was with mixed feelings. I can remember the day when I signed the purchase contract. How I with mixed feelings felt relieved and at the same time sad. Sad because it was an end to my relationship for real.

At the beginning when I lived at my old place I was exited to be living on my own, an totally new experience for me. But it didn’t take to long before I started to feel like this wasn’t where I was supposed to live. Because of my working situation I couldn’t move right away. So since this time I have only been waiting for this week to come. I’m excited because I get a bigger home and a newer home. I have closer to the gym, the local grocery shop and I also live near a close friend of mine. 

Beside that I see my moving as a new phase in my life, a new chapter, a clean paper, I still have some wonders about my excitement. Isn’t quite crazy that we can fill a big home with so much crap that we intimate ourselves that we need a bigger living space. Or that our happiness inside us can only be cured by changing our place to live or what ever material stuff we think is bothering us from being happy.

I assume that it is because we intimate ourselves in many cases that we need these things so that we can satisfy some sort of merchandise. Pretty crazy. How often do you use all these shoes, clothes, gadgets? And does that big house we always dreamed of make us happier? Maybe the house symbolizes something else, like freedom. My point is that I get curious about how many people(including myself) constantly strive for material things. Larger apartment, finer car, bigger closet, newer technology etc etc. It’s like we’re never satisfied. Like trying to find inner happiness in our things.

So to sum up. Yes maybe I am happier today than I was last week. But will the happiness continue or does this only makes me happy for a while? Where is the boundary between a chasing and a wish? The answer I believe lies in the cause.

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  1. har du provat att införa ett tillfälligt köpstopp? jag bestämde mig för att under 3 månader inte köpa nåt onödigt alls, och det var svårt i början, men det hjälpte att tänka på att efter den här perioden så får jag handla igen. jag vande mig, och det är rätt länge sen nu, men köper fortfarande mycket mindre än förut. det sätter sig att alltid tänka efter om man verkligen behöver nåt. såg dock aldrig på det som ekonomi, utan mer att jag inte vill ha fler saker i min lilla lägenhet 🙂

    1. Jag har faktiskt funderat på det. Jag brukar fundera över om jag verkligen behöver det jag köper och ofta blir svaret nej. Jag ska nog göra idé till verklighet under en period för att testa!

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