How to Master a Fear

This weekend I’ve fixed some here at home. Stuff that has been lying here at home, just waiting for me to fix them. So I’ve put up curtains, posters, TV on my walls. Even though I’m not nearly being done, I’m proud of myself that I have mastered a fear. Drilling in concrete. It is so silly how I can be afraid of such a simple thing. But it’s probably about experience. I have never done it myself before, which means I make it a big project in my head, even though it really doesn’t have to be. Things that are really simple.

What fascinates me is that we humans are experts in creating unnecessary fears. We can be afraid of all kinds of strange things. Everything from spiders to airplanes or talking to a group of people. Fear is really a feeling that should protect us from dangers and is therefore important for our survivors. However, the feeling also creates problems. Things that are not dangerous can still be interpreted by us, which means that we get an avoidable behavior. The fear can prevent us from doing the things we really want. The feeling takes over our actions. I myself have realized that fear is rarely rational, which means that we must train the fear.

So how do you overcome a fear?

The first step will always be the hardest. But think of this, if you take the first step then you have done the hardest part. So that’s why you should take baby steps. Everything that feels scary but things you want to achieve can be divided into small steps. The smaller the steps you take, the easier it is to take the first step.

Master the first step until you feel comfortable going to the next step. But do not think so much about step 2 before you have taken step 1. Do step 1 at your pace and stay there until you feel you have mastered step 1. Whatever you do, do not stress anything and don’t make any hasty decisions. It may take its time.

When you have taken step 1, be proud! You made a change and you achieved a partial goal. Now it’s time to start looking at step 2. Repeat the same process as in step 1. For every step you take, your self-confidence will grow and you will realize that fear was only imagined in your head. You will notice that it is not as dangerous as you think. Only you start.

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