How to get things done

There are many times I wonder why the time passes so fast and today is such a day. Today I just felt “where does the time go?” and I guess that I’m probably not alone with this feeling. I’ll tell you where it goes. It goes just it always go. It just us that hasn’t been focused enough.

Obviously, I feel like this because I haven’t focused on the right things or I had the wrong mindset. I thought I could do more than I could. Therefore, I have today become aware of the importance of planning and also following that planning.

I, the dreamer, can also get stuck in some kind of dream world and there I am. I can be there for hours. When people ask me what I have done a weekend, it is often that I may not be able to answer it because I do not really know what I do with my time. It’s not that I’m just lying in bed and staring up at the ceiling. Without it, it’s probably about most things going on routine. Exercise, cooking, cleaning etc. But I rarely reflect on doing these things. I just do them and at the same time being in my own bubble. While sometimes it is actually that nothing happens. I get nothing done. Everything just gets a little half-finished. I’m a little everywhere.

The secret to actually getting something done and not having to feel that time is running away is pretty simple. It is about goal setting and planning. So how do you become a person who is getting lots of things done in one day? I’ll give you some tips.

  1. Aims

It is always good to start the day or evening before by listing some points about what you want to achieve during the day. It can be anything from taking care of the laundry, exercising, quality time with the family, being at work in time etc etc. It can basically be anything, as long as it is reasonable and can be done during that day. The important thing is to be specific with your goals. It is therefore not enough to write that you should go training, but you also have to write what you should train.

2. Planing

Now you should structure your schedule during the day. Here are a few different methods. Are you a experienced planner you can structure up every hour to really streamline your day. However, if you are new at planning your day in this way, it can be nice to, for example, state that you should train in the morning and shop after the job. But that time is getting a bit open.

What I have noticed is to place the things that I really want to do in the morning when I have the most energy. So ranking your goals after all hours of the day can be a good idea if you are like me.

3. Attitude

It is the attitude that will determine how your day will be. Some days, you may just want to pull the blanket over your head and shit in your goals and planning. Sure you can do that, but it hardly helps you in the long run.

My tip is not to reflect so much on all the things you need to do. If I do so I usually get stressed or negative. That’s why it could be easier if you take one step at a time. Maybe one hour at a time.

The more you practice on scheduling things, the better you will be doing them. So it’s about training. You have to train your brain to be in the moment while you have to be flexible.

4. Reward

Rewarding is important. In my opinion. If you succeed in fulfilling all the goals during the day, I think you should give yourself a reward. It will trigger you more to want to accomplish all the goals.

Set up the reward in advance so you know what the carrot is all day long. Even the reward should be as specific as you can.

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