How to formulate goals

I have under this year understood the meaning of being accurate by setting up goals. By not being accurate you will perhaps reach your goal but not always in the way you though. 

As an example for this is my career. Instead on focusing on the feeling I want to reach I have always focused on the things you see on the paper. What I mean with this is that I have always focused on the title, the money or the experience instead of focusing on how I want to feel while working. To honest, we work alot in our life. Why not be happy while working, right?

Even though when I reach a goal I noticed that every time I did reached it I got disappointed. I got disappointed because I wasn’t specific enough about my goal.

So how do you formulate your goal?

The little help along the way you could start answer these questions below.

  1. What do you want to achieve?
  2. How do you want to feel when you’ve reached your goal?
  3. Will your answer in the first question give you the feeling you desire in question 2?
  4. What will you have to give up in term to accheive your goal? 
  5. Can you accept the answer in question 4? If not, you need to rephrase your goal. 

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