The first day of the year. New Year New possibilities. Or what is it you usually say?

Yesterday I reflected on the fact that we often wait for a new year to come  before we make the change of a habit or to reach a goal. We hope and believe that it is in the year and not that the change is in ourselves to achieve what we want to achieve. But the fact is that there is no difference on yesterday, last year as today except that the number in the calender is different. The change is within you and nothing else. It is you that have to do the job and create the change. So it really is about when we decide. If we decide us to change our lives and when we then act on what we have decided for there is actually going to be a change.

My own change I made in 2018 was to change my goals in life. I wanted to feel happy and to appreciate life. I realized that life is about balance and that goals are good, but not everything. You need to understand the importance of being in the moment to appreciate what you have achieved and then to be able to move forward. It is a lesson that is difficult to learn and I feel that I have a lot left to learn about this. But I can honestly say that I am happy today.

So what ever you decide or whenever you decide to make a change. Don’t wait for it to happen. It will happen, as long as you start acting on it. It’s all in your head.