Giving Up or Moving On?

Yes, the same show again. It goes several days before I write a single blog post. It’s not really that I find it hard to figure out what to write. The thing that is hard is to just start. Maybe I should implement a reward to myself when I start writing a post? Maybe that helps. The problem for me is the timing. I am most eager to write when I’m busy with something completely different. So maybe I should start writing from the mobile?

Anyway, what I want to discuss today is the difference between giving up and moving on. What is the difference and is there even one? I would definitely say there is a difference.

Giving up is about allowing obstacles that come in the way for what you want to achieve preventing you from continuing to reach your goal. Your will and motivation have not been strong enough for you to be willing to take you through the obstacles that are the way to your goal. I would like to say that this is about having either the wrong goals, wrong reason for doing what you do or that you have overestimated your ability.

Just because you haven’t reached what you desire does not mean failure. Keep that in mind. This instead a time for you to chance or to reformulate your goal or maybe just try other ways to get where you want to come. It’s about changing something that your are doing today that isn’t working. Maybe it’s your mindset or behavoir you are holding today that should change towards a completely different one. Or maybe you’ve got an insight about where the road leads but you don’t know that the destination matches the ones you really want and therefore subconsciously fail.

Moving on is in my option something totally different. This means ending something in your current life that you aren’t satisfied with. This can be difficult in practical and emotionaly. It may not always be clear what your next step will be if you end your current path. However, it may be useful to come to the insight as to when it is time to move on. This insight will only come through a single question. Can I accept this? If you the answer is no, then you know you have to move on.