Have you ever felt the feeling that you’re afraid to miss out on something if you don’t say yes? Then you may suffer from the term FOMO, fear of missing out.

The feeling of missing out on something depends on the fact that you are afraid of losing an experience, money, social interaction, or something else that gives a satisfaction. The concept is related to how we see on time and what we want to do with our time. Those who suffer from FOMO are afraid to make decisions and this in turn creates anxiety. If the choices are several, the situation is worsening because the risk of making the wrong decision is getting bigger. So how can we get rid of this feeling? Here is five tips of what to do.

  1. Accept that you are suffering from FOMO.

You must get insight and accept that you are suffering from FOMO in order to make a change. That’s when you accept the feeling that you can really start working it out.

2. Realize that you can’t get everything.

You must accept that you will not be able to get everything in life. You can catch up with a lot but not everything. The faster you get to know this, the faster you will learn to prioritize what’s most important to you.

3. Learn to handle the moment

If you learn to live a little more in the present, you will also stop speculating about the future and what happens when making different choices. Starting from here and now. Do you really want to go to that party on Saturday that everyone will go on or are you going to be afraid to miss something?

4. Learn to make choices

All choices you make always wil have consequences. There are always pros and cons that you won’t be able to avoid. You can try to analyze your choices as much as you like by dragging parallels to past experiences and facts. However, the problem with your decision-making will decrease if you practice making decisions.

5. Limit your options

If you can limit your choices, it will be easier to make decisions. If you also have a limited time to make your decision, you will be forced to answer the question of what you want at the specified time.

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