Don’t Forget to Live

Today I woke up and had kind of a revelation regarding my mindset in life. It happens now and then and today is one of those days. My mind seems to run in life. Running towards goals, small as big, and it’s horrible how I run and run and never stop to breath. 

But as every runner do, they stop eventually at some point. Today may be that day for short period of time before I start to run again. The good thing about stopping is that you could actually appreciate what is around you. You could see the color on the sky or smell the newly brewed coffee from the coffee shop around the corner. It’s little things your mind isn’t able to focus on while running you start to see. 

And what if we all start to slow down our pace in life. What happens then? Do we get less things done or do we do more things we really beleive in with a higher quality? Maybe we should think more carefully about how we lived our lives instead of running before looking at the map. 

So what do you appreciate about your life and in your surroundings? 

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