Deep shit

Yesterday I went on a date. It was problably the best date I’ve experienced so far. Not only because I was treated like a lady but the fact that someone actually understands my deep shit, as we called it yesterday.

However, I couldn’t stop thinking about how we humans have a more clear mind when we are happy and satiesfied with ourselves. How it’s much harder to fall in love and how we make more rational decisions with a clear mindset. How we can see things for what they really are instead of hoping for something we wish for it to be.

Maybe this is the answer why some business men are staying away from love and instead are buying their love from women just to keep their minds clear from the buzz that is created in the private life. Maybe some of us humans just are incapable of handling both a private life and at the same time to be successful. Or  maybe they just choose this path because they know that a relationship requires effort and compromize, and therefore chooses to have a clear mind instead of letting the emotions lead the way. 

I also thought of one other major thing. The overanalyzis I always do. This is the worst thing you could ever do. I my case my overanalyze prevents me from following my dreams. This conclusion makes me so sad because I love to analyze things to the smallest detail. So much that it takes my focus of the things I really need to focus on, acting. At the same time, the conclusion could problably also be the best thing now that I want to change this.

So from now on, I will try a new method. I will write every deep emotion, though that will cross my mind or questions I need to answer. In this way I can schedule things I want to happen or to be changed in my life and prevent my dreams from just staying in my head. In this way I theorectial could always be dreaming about the future and at the same time be living for here and now by always acting on the dreams and plans I’ve created in my mind earlier on.

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