Dare to ask for help

I have always been raised to be an independent person. It is a very good feature because you learn to think for yourself. You learn to make your own decisions and you also learn to listen to your own thoughts and dare to follow your will. I would like to describe myself so independently that I sometimes find it difficult to take in information or help from others. Which is of course not positive.

In recent days I have begun to question my independence and understand the importance of daring to ask for help and to be able to listen to the advice of others. Although an independent person has a strong will, it is not always enough. It is long enough, but sometimes it is also necessary to receive the help of others. Others who actually have more experience or are better off than you are. Because you as an single individual do not have all of the answers or solutions to your problem. The boat will also be very difficult to steer on your own, day in and day out. It will be lonely. And can you handle that? or maybe you can, but do you want to?

If you are going to reach a goal. Why not just ask the people around you for help? You will reach the goal both faster and more efficiently if you just dare to reach out your hand and ask for it. I have long believed that it is ugly to ask for help. If I ask for help, I am weak or poor. Which is not true at all. Rather, it is a sign of humility. Showing your “weaker” side is not a bad thing, instead it is something that makes you grow as a person. However, one must not take for granted the people who help you. You must be able to give something back to those who help you. Just because people are helping you for free does not mean that it is okay to use it again and again without giving anything back. You don’t want to be greedy.

So with that said, don’t be afraid of asking for help. You will see that people are often willing to help you if you only ask for it. You don’t need to know all the answers, because nobody does.

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