Control your thoughts

Yesterday I had a bad moment. Really bad moment. I had so much anxiety that I walked around in my appartment feeling like it would eat me alive. The anxiety was based on my performance in life. That I see people around me or in magazines or on instagram, youtube etc achieving their goals and here I am just letting the time pass by without achieving anything (not true though).

What I do know is that I am an emotionally controlled person. Which is good sometimes and sometimes bad. It is positive in the sense that you are good at listening to your heart and dare to make decisions along your feelings to a greater extent than people who think logically. Having said that, our feelings are not always concrete and thus your feelings can be a danger to make sensible decisions. Because emotions are just only emotions and it sometimes puts obstacles to ourselves. Fear is a very good example of this, as a fear of doing an act can prevent us from following our dreams. We may simply be afraid of failure.

Therefore, it is important to be able to learn to control your thoughts. Because if you learn to control your thoughts, you can also control your behavior and thereby control your life. This is also nothing that gives overnight. Or yes, for some geniuses it might. But it requires training for most people. Here is three tips of how you can handle negative thoughts.

1. A thought is just a thought.

It is easy to get stuck in your thoughts and believe that your thoughts are reality. It’s not the truth. When it feels heavy, it’s good to try to tell yourself that your thoughts are just thoughts and nothing else.

2. Ask your feelings.

It is important to question about negative thoughts. Why do you feel like you do? You might just have a bad day, eaten badly or slept badly, causing you to have negative thoughts. When you question your thoughts, it is easier to control them.

3. Change the environment.

Sometimes it can be so simple that you just need to change the environment. Because when you change the environment, it is easier to break a thought pattern. Go for a walk or switch the room you are in. You can even call or meet a friend to help you from thinking thoughts you don’t need or want to think.

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